Abyaneh Tour


10 hours


180 km


Hiking in the mountains, visiting scenic view of Abyaneh from 1000 year old castle, beautiful Mountain road, springs, meeting villagers with special custom, red clay architecture, Unesco registered village, watching view of Karkas Mountains (3800m), Natanz Jame mosque and ceramic shops.

What You Can Expect:

We pick you up from your hotel, drive about 2 hours to Natanz Visiting Jame Mosque and ceramic workshops. You can drink a cup of tea and continue your trip about 45 minutes through mountain roads watching the nice view of Karkas Mountains. We will hike about 2 hours watching the view of the village from the old castle and we go to Zoroastrian fire temple in the remote area of the village between the hills. Later on, we will come from the southern part of the village to visit the highlights such as the holy shrine, water reservoir, and Jame mosque. After eating your meal in a beautiful restaurant, we will drive back to Isfahan

Important Note
  1. We can offer transfer to your next destination, I.e. Kashan, Qom or Airport.
  2. If you prefer to stay overnight in the hotel or Camping is possible according to your request.
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