Iran Nomadic Tour

This tour starts from Isfahan or Shiraz to visit nomads in one day or stay overnight with them.  You can experience nomadic life, see their custom and eat traditional food with them.

  1. This trip starts from Isfahan to visit nomads in one day, start in the morning and ends in the evening or overnight stay with them and end in the afternoon next day. You will visit very nice glacier as well. these nomads are Bakhtiari tribe.
  2. You can start this trip from Shiraz or on the way of Shiraz Isfahan. You can choose to have a day trip or stay overnight with nomads. Day tour starts in the morning and ends in the evening. for overnight stay you can mix your trip to visit Perspolis/ Pasargsd and Necropolis as well. You will see Qashqai tribe.

Iran's nomadic Qashqai, part of the Turkic peoples from Central Asia who settled in Iran during the 11th and 12th Centuries, have roamed the harsh deserts of southwest Iran for hundreds of years.

Each year, they travel with their flocks of goats and sheep from summer highland pastures north of Shiraz to winter pastures on lower (and warmer) lands near the Persian Gulf, roughly 480km to the south. Their way of life is a fine balance between man, animal and their environment.

But this traditional way of life is fast disappearing. Numbering just 400,000, many attempts have been made to try to incorporate this minority group into mainstream Iranian society. But the Qashqai have always resisted, remaining a strong, proud and independent people. (Credit: Pascal Mannaerts)

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