Isfahan- Kashan- Tehran/ Imam Khomeini Airport (IKIA) Transfer Tours

One day tour:
  1. Day tour to Natanz, Abyaneh, Kashan.
  2. Day tour to Natanz, Abyaneh, Kashan-Imam Khomeini airport (Tehran).
  3. (Day tour) Watching Sunrise in the desert, Salt lake, Abyaneh village, Kashan (sightseeing), Imam Khomeini airport (Tehran).
Two days tour:
  1. Overnight stay in the Desert, Visiting Saltlake, Desert, Next day Abyaneh village, Kashan, Tehran.
  2. Visiting glacier, hiking in the Zagros Mountains, stay overnight with Nomads/in the nomadic village/ camping in the Desert-Next day Abyaneh, Kashan/IKIA
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