Isfahan Multiple Nomadic, Mountain, Glacier, Desert and Salt Lake Tour


Multiple Three Days Tour


150 km + 350 km


Visiting Nomads overnight stay with them (seasonal) or Nomadic Village, Miraculous glacier, waterfall, swimming in the river (seasonal), Action River, Fountains, Eating Nomadic food, Hiking in the mountains, Sand Dunes, Salt lake, Watching Sunset & Sunrise, Stars, Oasis Village, Fire temple, Pigeon Tower and Camel Riding (not included)

What You Can Expect:

We pick you up from your hotel, head off to beginning sources of Zayandeh rood River in Zagros Mountains range (4200 m altitude). We will eat breakfast on the way and change the car with an off road car after 3 hours drive, watching scenic view of Zagros Mountains and continue the way to Nomadic area about 10 km (Off Road), We will hike about 3 hours watching beautiful view of valley, we will stay overnight with Nomads, Next day after eating breakfast with magnificent view of mountains, we head off to action river and Glacier and hike approximately 3 hours. We will eat our meals with nomads, feeling and experiencing how they live and come back to the Desert visiting a beautiful waterfall on the way, We will continue to an oasis village and you will visit the highlights of the village including pigeon tower, oasis and fire temple situated on the mountain. You will go to salt lake and visit watery part and the polygons salt shapes in the salt lake, later on you will go to sand dunes and watch the sun set in the desert, we will prepare dinner and set up tents for you and you will have your dinner on the sand dunes. Watching stars is amazing in the desert and for some special days you can watch the moon rise. Sleeping in the desert is maybe once in your life and you can experience it with our super friendly group. Next day you can wake up early in the morning, watch the sunrise and you will have tasty breakfast on the sand dunes. If you are interested to ride Camel is last but not least of your trip.

Important Note
  1. We can offer you transfer to your next destination, i.e. visiting Abyaneh Village on the way.
  2. If you prefer to stay overnight in the hotel or Caravanserai is possible.
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