Isfahan-Yazd Transfer Tours

  1. Day trip visiting Desert, Nain/Meybod,Chak Chak, Kharanaq village, Drop off in Yazd.
  2. (2 days tour) Overnight stay in the Desert visiting Salt lake, sand dunes, Nain/Meybod, Chak Chak fire temple, Kharanaq village, Yazd.
  3. (2 days Tour) Camping and stay overnight in the Desert, visiting Salt lake, Sunset and Sunrise, Catching Stars, Next day after watching beautiful sunrise, you will visit Meybod, Chak Chak fire temple and Kharanaq village and drop off in Yazd.
  4. (2 days tour) Overnight stay in the Desert visiting Desert, Salt lake, Sand dunes, Garmeh- next day Kharanaq Village, Chak Chak fire temple, Meybod, Yazd.
  5. Half day tour to Desert and Salt lake watching sunrise or sunset, drop off at bus station in Isfahan.
  6. (2/3 days tour) visiting Glacier, hiking in the Zagros Mountains, stay overnight with Nomads/in the nomadic village/ camping in the Desert- next day Meybod/ Chak Chak fire temple/Kharanaq village, Yazd.
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