Things to do in Isfahan


  • Isfahan Tours & Transfers

  • Population: 2000000
    Area: 213 km
    Elevation: 1590
    Isfahan is third biggest city in Iran and capital of Iran in Safavid era. Isfahan Imam square is the first sight among Unesco Sights in Iran.
    Isfahan top main attractions:
    1- Imam square
    2- Imam mosque
    3- Aliqapu palace
    4- Sheikh lotfollah mosque
    5- Chehelsotoon palace
    6- Jame mosque
    7- Vank cathedral and Julfa neighborhood
    8- Siosepol Bridge
    9- Khajoo Bridge
    10- Shaking Miarates (Monarjanban)
    11- Atashgah fire temple
    12- Sofe Mountain
    Things to do in Isfahan:
    1. Tea houses & café shops
    2. Zurkhane performance
    3. Hiking at river bank parks
    4. Hiking in Sofe Mountain
    Isfahan traditional foods and dessert:
    1. Beryan: minced cooked lamb meat
    2. Fesenjan: pomegranate sauce, walnut, chicken
    3. Tahchin: Zafran rice cake mixed with chicken
    4. Khoresht Mast: Yaghurt, Zafran, neck meat
    5. Fereni: rice powder, starch, milk, grape or date extract
    6. Sheep’s Liver and heart
    7. Zafran ice cream
    8. Ash: (vegetarian) beans, noodle and vegetable
    9. Ghormeh Sabzi: (stew) beans, vegetable and meat, rice
    10. Gheimeh: (stew) cheak pea and meat, rice
    11. Dizi: (stew) potato, tomato, cheak pea, beans, meat, bread
    Isfahan is surrounded with mountains and if you travel to west of Isfahan about 200km you reach to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, high Zagros Mountains and resources of Zayanderood river.
    If you go to east of Isfahan you reach to Yazd and you can combine your trip with desert and salt lake trip and visit ancient cities such as Nain, Meybod and Kharanaq village besides main fire temple.

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